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Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado

         Photograph, "The beauty of God's creation lasts throughout the day", taken
by Jon Thompson....originally from Springfield, MO, currently serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Carson, CO.

Contributions from Friends:

America's Compassion....By Michael Chen

Hatti's Not Ready....By Mark Acker

I Forever Will Give....By Jon Ochs

If Only....From Randalh Jose Ignacio...."IGGY"

I Love the Way....Borrowed from Christopher Tompkins

My Thoughts on Music....By Jeffrey Kastner

Poems....Contributed by Akhilesh Sharma

Undertow....Submitted by Chris Pelczar

Other Stories and Poems:

About Mother Teresa

Always Remember Those Who Serve You

An Average Person

And a Meadow Lark Sang

Angel Friends

Angels Among Us?....poem

Ann Margaret

Ant and the Contact Lens, The


Are You Ready for Love?

Armed Guards, The

Army Son, The

Around the Corner



Awakening, The

Awesome Story

Baking a Cake

Beauty Tips

Best Kind of Love, The

Big Feet and Big Heart

Brick, The

Bridge Builder, The

Brother Like That, A

Brother's Miracle, A

Burden, The

Butterfly Courage

Butterfly Insights

Cab Ride, The

Cadet Maxim

Carpenter's House, The

Caught on Fire

Chain of Love

Chicken, The

Children's Letters to God

Choice, The

Coach John Wooden


Cost of Kids, The

Courage to Face Up to Ethical Challenges

Cracked Pot, The

Creed to Live By, A

Cross, The

Daddy Doesn't Want to Play With Me

Dance Like No One's Watching

Dare Mighty Things

Death of an Innocent

Deck of Cards, The

Derrick Thomas

Don't Hope Friend....Decide

Drop a Pebble in the Water

Dumbing Down Our Kids Excerpt

Echoes of Our Hearts

Empty Egg, The

Empty Pages

Encouraging Letters

Even by the Very Smallest

Eyes of Love


Father's Gift, The

Final Analysis, The

Final Inspection, The

Fire, The

Firefighter's Glove, A

Fireman's Prayer, A

Flow of Life, The

Focus on the Lesson

Forever Friend, A

Forgive Me When I Whine


Friend, A

Friends Are Friends Forever

Friends Are Like Angels


Friendship....A Quote

Friendship Vs. Love

Gandhi's Life Mission

Gentle Thunder, A

Gift of a Real Friend, The

Gift of Love, A

Giving When It Counts

God Said

God Sends a Professional

God Sent to Me an Angel

God's Message to Man and Woman

God's Wings

Gold Box, The

Good Advice

Grandfather's Table, The

Great Truths from Children

Hand, The

Hand, The....NEW

Happiness Is the Way

Heart for Children, A

Hero for the Books, A

Higher Power, A

Hold on Tightly to What Is Truly Important in Life

Hospital Window

How Do You Know It's Love

How to Think


Hummingbird, The

Hungry for Your Love

I Am a Teacher

I Am Thankful For

I Am the Most Fortunate of Men

I Believe

I Love You

I Wish You Enough

Ice Cream "Comb" Story, The

If God Had a Refrigerator

If I Had It to Do Over Again

If I Were the Devil

If One Could Only

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If You Come Across an Angel

If You Love Her Enough

I'm Learning How

In Case of Rain

In My Eyes

Information Please

Inspiration Is a Fragile Thing....


Is God Real? Is God There?

It Just Doesn't Matter

It's Not Just a Penny

It's Up to You

I've Learned

I've Learned...New

Just a Few Drops

Just Think

Learning to Get Back Up

Lessons from an Oyster

Life in Your Hands, A

Life Lesson

Life's Journey

Life's Lessons

Lil' Girl in the Park, The

Lilies of the Field

Listen for Love

Little Annie

Little Boy Asks the Meaning of Life, The

Love, Charity, Forgiveness

Love in a Paper Bag

Love Installation

Love Letter, A

Love Me Now

Love Story, A

Love Takes Time

Lunch With God

Luther's Lumber

Matchless Pearl, The


Mercedes, The

Miracle of God's Love

Mom's Last Laugh

Moonlight Ride

Most Beautiful Flower, The

Most Caring Child, The

Mountain Story, The

My Resignation

Nat King Cole

Never Go Back to Normal Again

New Strength, A

Nicholas Green Foundation

No Footprints

Noah's Blankie

Old Man and His Dog, The

On Letting Go

Only You....poem

Paper Clip Hug, The


Passenger, The


Pearl, The


Perfect Girl

Perfect Love

Portrait of a Friend

Portrait of a Rich Man's Son, The

Positive Alternatives

Power of Your Actions, The  

Precious Lesson

Precious Lesson of Life

President Bush's Prayers

Prophet, The

Puppies for Sale

Pushing Against the Rock

Racial Prejudice

Real Lesson in Humility, A

Real People

Relish the Moment

Right Thoughts Riding on My Mind, The

Risk It


Romance Vs. Love


Rose Within, A

Rules for Being Human

Sacrifice Play

Sandpiper to Bring You Joy, A

See Me

September 11, 2001

Share Your Time

Show Your Appreciation As Often As You Can

Simple Life, A

Simple Smile, A

Simple Vs. Real

Simplest Things

Sioux Indian Story

Six Year Old's Prayer, A 


Smoke Signals

So Wise

Soldier, A

Some People



Special Orders

Special Teacher, A

Starfish, The

Story of Life, The

Story of Two Teardrops, The

Story to Live By, A

Stranger to Myself, A

Strength of a Man

Struggles in Our Lives

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Teach Me How to Pray

Ten Commandments of How to Get Along with People, The

Test, The

That Thing Called Love

Things I've Learned....It's Ageless

Things That Make a Soldier Great, The

Things We Can Learn from a Dog


"This Is Good"

Those We Love

Three Little Trees

Ticket, The

Tiny Foot, The

To Be Enormously Gorgeous

To Each His Own

To Love Like I Love the Rain....

To My Best Friend


Today I Smiled


Top Ten Ways to Support Someone in Being Their Best

Touchstone, The

Traces of Our Love

Tragedy Or a Blessing, A

Triple Filter Test, The



Unconditional Love

Unfolding the Rosebud

Unwavering Trust

USS Cowpens Comes Home  

Value of a Smile

Value of Time, The

Walk With Me

Weakness Or Strength?

Wealth Is All in One's Point of View

What Do Angels Look Like

What Is a Counselor

What Is Courage?

What Is Maturity?

What We Give Away

What's It All About

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

Where's God

Who Cares What "They" Think?

Why God Made Little Girls


Wisdom from an Indian Elder

Words of Wisdom

Work of Art, A

World of Smiles


You Never Know

You Never Picked Me Last

You Were There

Submitted by Visitors:

My Mother's Love....submitted by Tina Norman, written by her son Joseph

To My Jamie....written by Lauren Morris for her best friend

Best in Me....written by Jennifer Ramsey Boudreau to her best friend


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