This heartwarming poem was written by Joseph Norman for his mother Tina. Joseph was born July 15, 1981. He was stricken with Muscular Dystrophy at a very young age, and lost his ability to do anything for himself before he was a teenager. Although he had much to be angry about, he was never bitter about his condition. As so many others do....Joseph loved Britney Spears and decorated his room with her posters. The song playing, "Stronger," is one of Britney's recordings, and one of Joseph's favorites. He was a very giving person and a joy to his family. Joseph died on June 24, 2001 at the young age of 19. Joseph will forever live in the hearts of those whose lives he touched. And through the words of this poem, his thoughts will live on in the lives of many.

My Mother's Love

By Joseph Norman 9-16-98

From the first time in Mother's arms
When I looked at Mamma, I was charmed.
The person I am a part of who sees my beauty
Never saw me as a problem, just part of her duty.
She always did what would sustain my life
And on top of all that she's my daddy's wife.
Her duties seemed endless the older I became
Walking, running, jumping, climbing just about anything you name
Time went on and school became a break,
While I was there a short nap she could take.
Mom always had so much to do
but she was able to provide me a playmate or two.
I Will Never Stop.
Forever her son I'll be
Never to forget the special time between Mom and Me


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