Orchid Lace Dahlia....photo courtesy of Bill Beaurain, The Garden Helper Website.

This beautiful poem was written by Lauren Morris
especially for her best friend Jamie :-)

To My Jamie....

By Lauren Morris

The breathtaking moments I spend with you
are never seldom, far apart, or few

Amazed everyday by what you say
soft spoken words that always relay

A simple belief or what's on your mind
awed by your presence, so lucky to find

A friend, a lover, someone who cares
to get me through life's little despairs

You forgive me, help me, and bring out the best
You believed in the good and forgot the rest

You reached for my hand and touched my heart
making me feel so beautiful and smart

If you lean on me and I lean on you
there's nothing that we can't get through

Eyes so deep only the ocean can feel
that my compassion and trust is so very real

Living in pure ecstasy when ever I'm with you
No one can kiss me just the way you do

So I think I finally figured it out
I completely love you without a doubt


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