Butterfly Insights

 By Joie Lake

A marvelous lesson appeared for me just now as I was
exiting thru the garage, to come to this little play
place they call an office. As I opened the garage
door, I startled a large moth, which, upon spreading
its wings, displayed a bright red "tail" hidden by
the motley brown wings, more a "butterfly" than a moth.
It flew immediately to its perceived escape, the
circle-topped window where it frantically tried to
exit thru the invisible wall of closed glass. I raised
the third-car garage door in hopes of aiding its escape.
That caused it to fly higher and higher and become
entangled in a spider web. Fearful that it would remain
entangled in the web, I selected a long-handled broom to
assist him escaping the tangled threads. At this, he
returned to furiously pumping his wings and banging into
the glass, which was, in his perspective, the pathway of escape,
but remained his cage. By simply turning his focus
to one side, he would have easily exited his prison. Rather, due
to his intent on one direction, he remained confined, captive. 


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