Positive Alternatives

Author Unknown

Rather than being annoyed, be amused. 
Instead of getting angry, become curious. 
In place of envy, feel admiration. 
In place of worry, take action. 
In place of doubt, have faith. 
Negative energy is just positive energy 
that's flowing in the opposite direction.
There's no need to fight 
or run away from that negative energy. 
All you need to do is change its direction. 
The more negative you are, 
the more positive you can be. 
An automobile that can travel 
70 miles per hour to the east... 
can also travel just as fast when going west. 
But first, someone must turn it around. 
When you sense yourself becoming negative, 
stop and consider what it would mean 
to apply that negative energy 
in the opposite direction. 
Turn your sadness into caring. 
Transform your complaints into useful suggestions. 
Change your bitterness into determination. 
The energy is already there, 
all you need to do is change its direction.


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