Unwavering Trust

By Reatha Crow

Why do we hurt the ones we love,
the one's we need the most?
why do we take advantage
of their unwavering trust?
Is it because we wonder
if their love is real,
and will they always be here 
through all our ups and downs?
Are we afraid to love and 
even more afraid to trust?
could it be we're insecure and
we need to test their love?

Do we feel love can't be trusted
because we've been hurt before,
while searching for happiness?
Why not let it go?
Move on with your life and
let your love shine. You can be happy,
but you must learn to trust 
and give back to someone else
your unconditional love.

Life can be wonderful
and love is an awesome gift,
but as you journey through life,
always remember this.

If you believe in something,
no proof is necessary.
If you don't, none is sufficient,
you must have unwavering trust.


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