To Be Enormously Gorgeous

By Carla O'Brien

My dad says I am enormously gorgeous. I wonder if I really am. To be enormously gorgeous...Sarah says you need to have beautiful long, curly hair like she has. I don't. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Justin says you must have perfectly straight white teeth like he has. I don't. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Jessica says you can't have any of those little brown dots on your face called freckles. I do. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Mark says you have to be the smartest kid in the seventh-grade class. I'm not. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Stephen says you have to be able to tell the funniest jokes in the school. I don't. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Lauren says you need to live in the nicest neighborhood in town and in the prettiest house. I don't. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Matthew says you can only wear the coolest clothes and the most popular shoes. I don't. 

To be enormously gorgeous...Samantha says you need to come from a perfect family. I don't. 

But every night at bedtime my dad gives me a big hug and says, "You are enormously gorgeous, and I love you." 

My dad must know something my friends don't. 


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