I Love You

Author Unknown

I love you.
Since you came into my life,
I've looked forward to each sunrise,
the early morning, with you in my arms,
the midnight skies with us beneath a zillion stars, moves me.
You make me feel like no one else could.
I like the person I am when I'm with you.
You bring out a part of me
that I never knew existed,
a part that was born with our first kiss.
You made me complete;
now I have a reason to try;
now I have a cause,
a reason to believe
in all the wonderful things life has to offer.
You took my hand
and drew me into the light,
and you saw in me all the qualities
that no one else had ever noticed.
You gave me hope, inspiration, pride, and love.
Yes, I love you, for all these reasons
and for so much more.
I love you for being yourself,
and I love you because
of the person you made me.


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