I'm Learning How

By Grace E. Easley 

Every day I'm learning how 
To walk a straighter mile, 
I've even found a way to 
greet A sadness with a smile. 
I have discovered inner strength, 
I knew not I possessed, 
A quiet peace that flutters, 
Like a dove within my breast. 
I've learned what is reality, 
And what is make-believe,
And that it isn't smart to wear 
One's heart upon one's sleeve. 
I've learned to be more tolerant, 
With others and myself, 
And that one cannot truly give, 
Until one gives himself. 
I'm learning to appreciate 
The days that hurry by, 
To be content and know that there
Are none so rich as I. 
I've found my true vocation,
What I was meant to do 
And when life mocks to smile, 
and say, "I'm merely passing through!"


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