Traces of Our Love

By Reatha Crow

Look for me in the sunrise, in the sound of the wind.
When the stars come out at night, look and I'll be there.
I wish I never had to leave, but I must go where duty calls.
I must serve our country, but my dreams will be of home.

If I'm on a mountain top or in a valley low,
fighting for our country in some place unknown,
know my thoughts are with you and I'll fight to keep 
you safe. I would die for you if that's what it takes.

Everything worth having is worth fighting for and I
won't sit back and wait for someone else to do my part.
I want us to be happy in a land that is free,
where we can build our home and raise our family.

I dream of a little boy to follow in my steps and 
a little girl that looks like you to cuddle on my lap.
Most of all I dream of you and the love that we share,
and when I feel alone I close my eyes and you are here.

Everyone we meet leaves traces in our lives, but 
every time my heart beats I feel traces of our love.


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