Daffodil....photo courtesy of Bill Beaurain, The Garden Helper Website.

To Love Like I Love the Rain

Author Unknown

I wonder if I can love people the same way I love rain: 
To be in love with someone madly yet selflessly. To let the other person be mad,  crazy, beautiful, unpredictable and soothing without having to pin  them down and make them have to stay. To just be happy each time he  or she is there and to be happier still when they stay the week, and  to not be sad when they go away because you know they're coming back.  To love the person and expect nothing in return except to know the  person is being himself or herself. And finally to know that there  are also people whom that person touches in his or her own way,  making others fall in love with them too. So you have to share freely  and happily, at the same time knowing you are special and that no two  people can love the person quite the same way. 


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