This poem was submitted upon request :-) by Airman Chris Pelczar, who is currently residing in Fremont, California. This wonderful poem was originally a song written by his brother, Greg Pelczar, for a Christian band. Read more about Chris, and find encouragement for life on his Web site, Chris' Homepage


By Greg Pelczar

The water's flowing to the shore
I approach it slow but sure
The sea is filthy murky cloud
My feet touch bottom eerie sound

I move out farther it feels alright
The water's cold my muscles tight
The ground is rocky my feet are sore
The pain's diluted I wade out more

The water's rolling my bodyís numb
I feel Iím sinking my arms weigh a ton
Iím getting tired the water's deep
The sand is slipping from the tips of my feet

The waves are crashing I canít swim
My sight is blurry my eyes dim
I stretch my legs down all I can
Thereís no foundation in which to stand

The icy water pushes me down
My arms are lifeless Iím going to drown
I cry out to the guard on the beach
My lungs are frozen Iíve lost my speech

I feel an arm around my waist
Heís leading me to the shore with haste
He lays me down upon dry land
And heals me with His nail scarred hand


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